Why CertEasy

CertEasy is a perfect match with the NFC NTAG203 tags to provide a reliable, safe and convenient way of product authentication. The CertEasy app is updated and modified frequently to ensure the application is kept up-to-date with any new operating system platform.

The App has a strong connection with the NFC tag and a fast link with the data server such that information embedded in the NFC tag can be easily retrieved at anytime, anywhere in the world so long as the phone is connected to the Internet. CertEasy is undoubtedly the handiest product authentication system available in the market. Readily available on most handsets, it is also the most cost effective. It is therefore the ideal system for any business interested in protecting their products from counterfeiters.  


The NFC tags are in various forms for different kinds of product application. In general, there are four kinds of tags for different applications:

・ Ordinary tag – this is the most common tag for ordinary application on products / materials with no special requirement.
・ Tamper proof tag – the tag layered with easy break material is for special need to safeguard from goods which have been accessed without notice.

Tag on metal surface – the tag is shielded from radio frequency interference for tagging on metal objects.

・ Tag on clothing (wash resistance) – this is a disc shape tag sealed with ABS material which can stand for washing and high temperature. 
CertEasy Applications  

The CertEasy App is incorporated with high security encryption key protection for communication with the CertEasy NFC tag. Only the registered CertEasy tag can be authenticated. Other non-registered NFC tags, even with the same NFC compliant IC, are not admitted. A special and non-transferable (optional, but could be printed with special security technology) NFC Smart Label will be sealed on each product. The customers can download the CertEasy® from appointed Apps markets and verify the product directly.

Products Traceability  

Starting from the warehouse to the hands of your customer, our CertEasy Solution is an innovative technology to make your products traceable, and prevent gray market simply by a NFC smart phone with the CertEasy mobile App.


In Warehouse

Each NFC tag will bring a product with a unique identity.

The NFC UID could be linked with other product and logistic information, such as registration time, ex-warehouse time, sales location and Sales Invoice no.



You can make sure the products are going to the right place and in the right time by the NFC Tag traceability function.


Gray Market Control

With the unchangeable and unique identity for each NFC code, you can be sure that the products are selling to the right dealers and territories which information will be verified with the CertEasy App.

This is to prevent the vender or dealer selling your products from an improper channel. Your marketing and pricing strategy would thus be protected.

Customer Authentication

The CertEasy App provides a handheld verification of products with free access at any time.

Easily track back to the product information, such as ex-warehouse time, products expiry date, and authorized sales location, etc.