Successful Cases


Industrial Oil

The Company is selling high value industrial oil. It is facing with counterfeit of its products. The Company applies CertEasy NFC tags to protect its products. The customers can verify the genuine products with the CertEasy App.

The Company also embeds useful data to the tags with our special program named CertEasy Pro. Thus, it solves the problems of grey market sales such as the informal channel selling. A CRM customer database can easily be set up.

Now, the CertEasy e-certification system has been successfully applied in China, Hong Kong and Macau, and later will be expanded to Japan, Korea and Southeast Asian countries.



Medical Supplies

The Company produces Medical consumable products which are becoming popular due to good quality. Inevitably, it attracts imitation and counterfeit of the products. The Company thus applies the CertEasy encrypted QR code labels by which the users can verify the Company products with the CertEasy Apps.

Besides, the Company also promotes and shows the application of its products through the use of the QR code. Interactions between the Company and the customers are applicable through the establishment of customer database.

Other Solutions

Famous Fashion Brand Products

A famous fashion brand intends to apply the NFC tags for anti-counterfeit. The NFC tags of various kinds of material will be used for different products.

The NFC tags will be put on series of bags and clothing, and the customer’s data can also be inputted as value added service to the products.

High Value Tickets

An entertainment Company is looking for high end security ticket. The high value ticket will be printed on the NFC chips embedded cardboard or plastic card. That will allow the verification of genuine ticket at selling point or venue entry point.

Wine and food

A wine Company is trying to protect its products from fake and would like to show more information about the products. The QR code may satisfy the needs. Customers can use the smart phone to read the product information, and on the other hand, can verify the product identity as well.

What is NFC

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CertEasy is a smart phone application tool that authenticates NFC tags validated by NFS. Smart phones with the built-in NFC technology are able to download this app on the Google Play Store free of charge.